Friday, February 25, 2011

Feb 25, 2011

Working - FEVERISHLY - to meet my Feb. Resolution of 3 things.  You'd think - well good grief...ONLY 3!  I know!  I did finish the Stack Slash & Shuffle - All that needed was quilting and binding.  I did finish the RR - THAT took a little longer than expected.  BUT I'm pleased it is done.  Now Bud's  Darling Grandson Bud...  You know we will do anything for our grand kids.  And since he ASKED for a special quilt from his special Nanny (ok so he didn't add the special Nanny part...I did) I have to comply to his wishes.  I really have 95% of it done.  In case you forgot it has to have a theater theme.  He has found his calling - or something he enjoys doing and has been in several productions from Market House Theater in Paducah KY.  I thought it would be easy to do if he would give me his t-shirts~well not willing to part with them yet.  I did manage to get 4...that helped.  And I do have all the stars made with his pictures in a few.  (wasn't sure how that will go limited my desire to make them all with centers.) I am presently working on embroidering the names of characters and plays that he has been in.  I'm surprised at how long it has been taking.  In the 4 hours I worked on it yesterday I only got 2 blocks done. 

Here is my idea - and now only need 2 snail trails (change the 2 red stars to snails trail) and 4 more embroidered blocks.  I'll have all day tomorrow to work on it.  And Sunday I won't come up for Air until all the blocks are done.  Monday (last chance workout day) will be to put it together.  WISH ME LUCK!

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