Sunday, January 8, 2017

1/8/17 New quilts for 2017

My first post was a success so I'm back!!  Did you miss me?  Lol 

Since the holidays I've been working hard.  I have an incentive to work machine you ask, nope, I wish. Vacation?  Nope...try root canal and crown.  Did you know you now have to see a specialist to have a root canal!!!  What happened to your regular dentist doing it?  Sigh.  This means TWO bills instead of one.  So I'm now working hard to pay for a crown.  And then I'm declaring I'll be Queen Shirley!🤴

So what have I been working on, thank you for asking!

This is Ruth Ann's.  She is a quilt judge from Illinois.  I've been working with her for 3 or 4 years now.  I remember doing a couple for her and then my friend said "oh, you did know she is a quilt judge"  😲 say WHAT?  I guess she is happy because I've done many for her.  This is her most recent


She sent me pictures of how she wanted it quilted.  I think I nailed it!  I sent her a few photos and she said she loves it!  I used my go to batting, Hobbs Heirloom and my go to Glide thread.  How I love Glide!  Altogether I think I have about 16-18 hours.  Seemed like it would go on forever but dang it was worth it!

Then a mini break over New Years and I worked on a couple of my own...I know the quilter needs a quilter 

On to a friend from Alaska!  Now if you go way WAY aback on this blog you'll find where Wanda and I met!  She saw my blog, contacted me.  I did a couple for her and returned them before her LQS had her others, that they had had for months, finished and returned.  Lol  dang I was good back then!  


We decided on a feather panto!  Of course Heirloom and Glide combo.  Thread is a creamy purple.  Does that make sense?  Can purple be creamy?  Well it works here!  I have one more to do this week for Wanda and then I'll send them home.

And just when you think I was done!  While waiting for Wanda to reply I loaded Roxanne's and worked on that one yesterday.  Youv probably heard of Bonnie Hunter.  duh, who hasn't!!  Well is her Wild and Goosy pattern.  Roxanne is a far better person than me!!  These flying geese patterns finish to about 1x1.5".  No clue how many she has in this one...should I count them?  Naaa!  I'll quilt it but I'll never make it!  


Yes Heirloom and Glide.  But she decided on her stand by gold thread.  Mind you not dark gold, nor light gold...but  a rich medium gold.  I think it's a GOLDielocks and 3 bears  Roxanne requested something curvy.  This  panto called Adaigo filled the bill.  It's curvy, looks like feathers.  Looks like curling waves of gold!  It's beautiful!

Ok, I'm done!  Will load another one tomorrow.  Should have done it today but I was busy uploading pictures to google a way I do miss the old photos!  But what would I need them for in years to come!  I look at old photos and who made that one????  Thanks for joining in...have a great night!


1/8/17 Been three years

Now where do I start!  Three years how many quilts have gone through the "Cave"?  I have no idea but I'd say a couple hundred.  The "cave" has seen good times and bad!  Mostly good.  Most recently the cave has come above ground.  We sold our house, moved into a metal building garage and are building a new house.  We are almost finished and in a few weeks will move in.

 Remember my longarm is called Squiggy.  He hasn't left my side, nor will he!  He's here in the "garage" and kept Quilting except for a month in April while we packed up, stored much, and moved to the other side to of town.  So here is Squiggy's new "cave".  It's going to be fun to get my stash and stuff out of storage sort of like getting all new stuff!  While my new room is smaller than the last cave, this cave has storage!  I'm s anxious now to move in.


So here it is, a brand new year!  A brand new house!  And brand new quilts to be quilted.  Let's see if I can keep this blog going!


I pretty much gave up blogging with iPad.  Today I'm trying again.  If I can find an app that lets me add pictures I'd buy it!  So let's try


OMG!!!  If this works I'm back into blogging!
Final test...will it post!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


I needed a picture!  Check Photobucket...not there...wondered if I could find it here..OMG right off the bat there it was!  I think I stopped blogging cause I couldn't post puctures.  Wondering if I can now?

Here is a quilt I finished today..
NOPE...still can't post pictures from an iPad there for I won't be posting here.

I am on Facebook, Custom Quilting By Shirley Jackson
Come find me!

Monday, June 30, 2014

I'm such a great quilter but such a terrible blogger!

I feel I write the same thing in several different places.  It all about quilting since our grand kids had the audacity to grow up and move beyond wanting a gramma to bake them cookies.  So, recently, I have put all my energy into quilting for others.  I haven't quilted one of my own all year!

If I remember correctly I could not get a picture to post in my blog using my iPad, since it has been almost a year since I blogged, let's see if that is still true.  YEP that's right.  So I need to start uploading all my pics to Their pic program or put all my pics on lap top, or just skip doing pictures and go back to quilting.

Anyway, the group on facebook had a post that linked to the posters blog.  She asked me what the name of my blog was and I was almost too embarrassed to tell.  I used to blog a lot, the came Facebook and I started a custom quilting page there.  So of I were to blog about a quilt here, then in a closed group on Yuku, then on my Facebook page, and my Custom page, and to any of my friends who don't do FB but have you see same thing in several places.  I'd being sending all my time copy and pasting and not on quilting.

Ok enough blogging, back to quilting and figure out HOW in the heck to get a pic in here!!!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Post of Pictures

I know I'm horrible in posting on a blog.  I never said I would be wonderful.  BUT I have been busy.  Since April I have worke on at least 20 quilts.  (not all are here - the pictures are on my Ipad and I have no idea how to get them here without uploading to to my Dell, Upload to here and post...seems like a whole lot of work. 

Sunday, June 2, 2013

I'm a HORRIBLE blogger!

Last time I blogged was BEFORE the Paducah Quilt Show...Since then I have entertained a dear friend during the show and then got BUSY quilting...and here are the results!

PLUS I have more pictures from more I did in May on another computer.  SO I had to make a decision - did I want to blog or did I want to you can see from the above what my decision was.  I hope you enjoy...