Tuesday, October 28, 2014


I needed a picture!  Check Photobucket...not there...wondered if I could find it here..OMG right off the bat there it was!  I think I stopped blogging cause I couldn't post puctures.  Wondering if I can now?

Here is a quilt I finished today..
NOPE...still can't post pictures from an iPad there for I won't be posting here.

I am on Facebook, Custom Quilting By Shirley Jackson
Come find me!

Monday, June 30, 2014

I'm such a great quilter but such a terrible blogger!

I feel I write the same thing in several different places.  It all about quilting since our grand kids had the audacity to grow up and move beyond wanting a gramma to bake them cookies.  So, recently, I have put all my energy into quilting for others.  I haven't quilted one of my own all year!

If I remember correctly I could not get a picture to post in my blog using my iPad, since it has been almost a year since I blogged, let's see if that is still true.  YEP that's right.  So I need to start uploading all my pics to Their pic program or put all my pics on lap top, or just skip doing pictures and go back to quilting.

Anyway, the group on facebook had a post that linked to the posters blog.  She asked me what the name of my blog was and I was almost too embarrassed to tell.  I used to blog a lot, the came Facebook and I started a custom quilting page there.  So of I were to blog about a quilt here, then in a closed group on Yuku, then on my Facebook page, and my Custom page, and to any of my friends who don't do FB but have emails..as you see same thing in several places.  I'd being sending all my time copy and pasting and not on quilting.

Ok enough blogging, back to quilting and figure out HOW in the heck to get a pic in here!!!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Post of Pictures

I know I'm horrible in posting on a blog.  I never said I would be wonderful.  BUT I have been busy.  Since April I have worke on at least 20 quilts.  (not all are here - the pictures are on my Ipad and I have no idea how to get them here without uploading to Photobucket...download to my Dell, Upload to here and post...seems like a whole lot of work. 

Sunday, June 2, 2013

I'm a HORRIBLE blogger!

Last time I blogged was BEFORE the Paducah Quilt Show...Since then I have entertained a dear friend during the show and then got BUSY quilting...and here are the results!

PLUS I have more pictures from more I did in May on another computer.  SO I had to make a decision - did I want to blog or did I want to quilt...as you can see from the above what my decision was.  I hope you enjoy...

Thursday, April 11, 2013

All most time for............


This is the ONE time during the year that I get really excited!  And guess what I got in the mail a couple weeks ago.... A summons for jury duty...and when....DURING QUILT WEEK!  I have company coming, signed up for a class, and now this.  So my question is...would you want a disgruntle quilter on your jury panel?  After one visit to the court house and a 2 phone calls - I've been excused.  WHEW - the the planning begin!

I finish Phyllis's "last minute" quilt the other day - no more quilting until after the show.

This one was returned in 2 days - ONLY because of 2 factors...1) I didn't have any other quilts from others that were ahead of hers and 2) I wanted to get it out before the show I would hate to think of it sitting there waiting on me.  Phyllis was beyond happy when I called to say it was done!
My girlfriend, Sherry aka S.Belle, is COMING!  She hasn't been here in years and I'm totally excited about her and her hubby's visit.  She has come for the show before and we had SO MUCH FUN.  But this time we are taking an applique class together.  Pretty cool huh?  Being friends for over 30 years - still loving each others company - still missing each other since we moved to KY.  Says a LOT ...  I'm so excited...she just txt me...12 more days!  HOLY CRAP...I have to go clean!  See ya!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Missed Encouragement Weekend

First weekend of the month...in our group on Facebook.  We Encourage Each other...AKA we NAG!  And I totally forgot it!  So we decided to postpone it until next weekend.  So I was a slug.  All I did was quilt Roxanne Star quilt and my Hunter star.  What a slug!  I will try to do better next weekend for EW!!

Here is Roxanne's:
It was a swap on Carol Doak's Yahoo group. 
Quilted it with a simple stippling with a swirly heart (Appropriate since it will be a gift for her niece's wedding gift.)

The Back is almost as pretty as the front.

A totally wacky backing
And Here is MINE!
It was from a class I took so many years ago I can't remember when!  I thought it would be bigger.  Maybe it shrunk with age...lol


I used a panto to save time.  Since it was small I did it this afternoon.  No pieced backing for me.  This one was from Hancock on the sale table.  It works for me!

For a brief moment I was all caught up.  On Saturday the mailman delivered one from Aggie.  Saturday night I show pictures to Roxanne (I'll deliver it when we go to the guild meeting in 2 weeks) She told me by then she will have another UFO ready for me.  And THEN last night Phyllis called and we made arrangements to meet tomorrow for her to give me one of hers.  Well it WAS nice to be caught up...even if it was only for an hour or two.  lol