Friday, January 20, 2017

I'm blown away!

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Everyone knows I'm an APQS super fan.  Ok ok maybe the biggest fan!  The APQS blog is featuring their family of owners who run small businesses.  My great friend and APQS rep, Angela Huffman, contacted me a little bit ago and asked if I would be her Guinea Pig.  Well, of course!  She sent me a list of questions, which I answered and sent back.  And I'm being featured in the APQS blog!  On their FB page!  And I'm on cloud 9!!! 

I really can't believe that this little no name from South Wales, NY, who spent most of her life as Bill's wife or Bill and Bob's mom has found a path to take.  I'm sorry I found it so late in life, but I'm not going to waste a moment of this ride!  My quilting is my quiet gives me strength to carry on to the goals I set for myself.  My quilting is my encouragement.  When I see what I can create on a quilting frame, I carry that enthusiasm to the other corners of my life.  My quilting gives me joy.  As I look down to my quilting the stitches they remind me where I started and where I am.  Never stop learning, never stop trying never stop believing in myself..  my quilting changes from day to day.  It can be my Funtime, or my solice.  Then again it challenges me!  But mostly it is my satisfaction.  

I have to thank my list of customers, without them I'd have no UFOs ...I'd have time to quilt my just kidding I wouldn't change a thing.  I'm looking forward to this new year, a new home (which Bill finally admitted my sewing room is too small!!!) and a list of new quilt!  Thank you everyone, for being with me on this journey!

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