Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Moving day

Yup moving again!!  

To catch any of you up, last February we sold out house near the lake.  We decided we didn't fit into a subdivision.  We had a plan but needed to hurry it up.  Decided to have a metal building built and we would live in that while the house was built. We have lived in the garage since May 9, 2016.  Actually it worked out well.  I have my long arm machine, some fabric and I was happy.  BUT.... it's time!

The house is almost complete and it is time to move in.  First one to move  in...Squiggy!
Here he is riding in his chariot.. for ok ok maybe not but he's stylin' in that wheelbarrow!  Bill and I are are getting pretty darn good taking him apart and moving him and putting him back together.  Took us a little more than an hour!  

  and in his new room!   

Setting him up

Moved into place, a few minor adjustments, power on!


And he works!!!


This has been a great experience for us.  While the building had its ups and downs...while I'm glad it's over.  It's all about sharing..about compromise.  I truly believe this is the LAST house I'll ever build.  And Bill agrees!  While it isn't what my dream house would have been...In my dream house it has a basement where my sewing room would be.  It would have lots and lots of windows...oh wait I had that in a subdivision!  Lol  this is Bill's house.  This is the house plans he picked.  I'm ok I got my Squiggy and a couple nice windows.  And when I get tired of quilting I can go to the sunroom and do some hand stitching


And so with Squiggy all set up and our first full day of moving under our belt...I close up shop and look forward to another day of moving MORE BOXES!!!


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Wanda said...

Can't wait to see the house in person