Sunday, March 26, 2017

Oh hallelujah it posted

So let's begin!
The last real post I did was in January for moving day for long arm.  Moving on

The last quilt I did in the garage was mine!!!!  Shocking.  So the story behind this quilt I had taken it to a class.  She would give us suggestions on how to quilt it.  We got off on the wrong foot and she picked this quilt to shreds!!  The final straw was when she told me I had UNDERPANTS in my quilt.  I'm not saying where...most people don't have a clue.  BUT I got no help what so ever.  But a fellow quilt DID help me and once I started it I saw the potential!  

Midway into the quilting of said UP up and Away...UP is the abbreviation for UnderPants...Bill says he wants to move the long arm machine.  So Squiggy was the first to move into our new house.  And UP up and Away was the last quilt to be done in the garage and the first to be finished in the new house!

I'm now in a panic to finish the binding for it to hang in our Ice House quilt show in Mayfield KY for the month of April.  I need to have it bound and labeled by Monday night.  I always have worked well under pressure!

(Now let's see if I can post a picture)
And the answer I is no!
Now no to figure out this!!!


Wanda said...

I love this quilt and think the lady who gave it the name we will not say is nuts! It is even more beautiful in person.

Heather said...

It is a wonderful quilt and I just think she was threatened by your quilting skills.