Saturday, May 21, 2011

May 21, 2011

MORE Stalkers!

Welcome!!  I'm really NOT that interesting...sometimes I come up with something good...mostly it is all about quilting!  I think it is so cool that I have some new stalkers.  HUGS to each of you...and a few of you who don't follow me - but drop in occasionally...HUGS to you to.

Let's - loading up a customer quilt...setting up Laverne again - after a class I took.  (didn't learn anything BUT had a great time with friends) OH WAIT...I did learn to make a perfect inserted circle...haven't tried it yet...but another girl and I are going to try it with some oriental fabric!  Well I am getting ahead of myself...that will be another topic for another day...stay tuned.

Back to today ~ This will be my FIRST customer quilt done on Squiggy.  I hope Jackie will be happy with it.  I need to get it out by Tuesday so that it gets back to California before the holiday.  Wish me LUCK - I'm heading downstairs...see you in the Sewing Cave!  HUGS

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