Saturday, February 4, 2012

Amy H's Sister Choice

I'm sooo on a roll!  Once the "ice" was broken (aka January doldrum) - I'm a ball of fire!

Note - this is the block I did for my very first ever quilt...back in the early 70's...quilt was in more states than I ever visited...since it ended up in my son's semi and traveled west of the Mississippi River - to the North in NY state - and several states around!  Sigh - poor thing saw the best of time and the worst of times - as now it is in a land fill someplace.  SIGH!

I finished Jackie T. and the next day loaded up Amy's!  I had the plan of working on it tomorrow while the super bowl is on TV (I'm not a football fan) So I loaded her up - wound the bobbins... stitched down the top and thought I'd try it out...check the know.  Well before I knew it - I had it 1/2 done.  Few more passes and it was time for a break.  A quick trip into town to the post office and got a sandwich and home again.  Back downstairs I took 3 more passes...decided it was time to quit and catch up on FB. 

Next week will be Amy's Black and White sampler...what do you think....Varigated or solid?


Heather said...

Love that feather panto! And the quilt. I would go with the variagted thread just because I love them!

aggie said...

I would go with the solid.

Anonymous said...

I love the look of that black/gray/white variegated. That would probably be my first choice. Can't wait to see what you do! Eve in GA