Saturday, February 18, 2012

Pat's Red/Green Wall Hanging

I finished this one today.  I'm so very pleased the way it turned out.  I loved working with Pat on this one.  She claims she was a PAIN...but I have to disagree.  I want my customer/friend Happy and working with her with emails and phone calls I think we did it.  She has seen the pictures and seems happy.  So if she is happy then I'm happy!

Isn't this amazing...I LOVE how the entire block just POPS out ...

Well with finishing Pat's I'm out of work..  Poor Squiggy will be sitting there all alone.  Maybe it is time for me to sneak in one of my own.  I do have one from January that needs to be quilted...and I do have a panto I've not used yet...maybe I'll try it and see if I like it...This quilt will most likely be given away at Christmas.
I also have a UFO that I was working on for 12 in'12.  It needs borders and quilting.  Hmmm I think I have a plan.  I can use this time for ME WORK.


Sandy said...

That is really gorgeous!!!

Shirley J said...

I KNOW!!! I don't want to send it back!