Monday, March 19, 2012

I've spent the day in my sewing cave!

I started off the morning finishing up a row on Phyllis's appliqued flowers.  Also did the curved feathers in the sashing.  Then decided to get that bridesmaid dress done.  I SO hate working with organza!  Does anyone else have problems hemming that stuff?  I've already hemmed the other 2 layers (and WHY do we need to have 3 layers of fabric on ONE dress?????)  So I tackled the job.  If anyone needs a helpful hint on hemming this "stuff" READ ON!

Here is Natalie's dress - The ceiling fan has become my 3rd hand and my Natalie double.  I was so glad I thought of this - since for some reason measuring up from their hem was totally uneven!  (Now I'm praying my method results in a level hem line) 

The ironed crease is where the actual hem will be.  I sew a line 1/4" from that cease and then cut 1/4" from the sewn line.  This stabilized my work area.  Gave me a line to follow when working on it.  I fold under on the stitched line and tuck the extra in until it reaches the ironed crease

Then sew...the hem turns out GREAT!  

Now back to the flowers!  Only 7 more blocks to go!


Sandy said...

Looks good! Of course, everything you do looks good!

Shirley J said...

Thanks!!! Organza is the one fabric I have so much trouble with!

Anonymous said...

We`ll have to have a demo on this.
Share all of those ideas.