Thursday, May 24, 2012

Racheal's Tshirt Quilt

Well I'm still not on my laptop...I miss sitting in a comfy chair...a nice cool drink beside me....and my computer on my lap.  SIGH.  I have made the decision to try and fix it.  Squiggy needs to be paid off first. 

SO this morning I finished putting the borders on Racheal's quilt.  It's impressive and I know she will love it.  I think this afternoon I will put it on the frame and by this weekend be working on it. 

I think this will be quite a rememberance of her husband.

HEY WANDA...I can track you quilts cause the tracking # is on my laptop...WHERE are they?

Have a great afternoon - if you are bored come play with Squiggy!


Heather said...

Great job as always Shirley!

Wanda said...

This quilt is wonderful. I think it will be very appreciated and loved.