Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Yes that is right - Scipmylo...When every thing you plan ends up being BACKWARDS...In fear of retribution - we have changed the Name to our little groups challenge.  (hint - backwards) Folks told me to beware of the "name shall not be said out loud" Committee...who do not want anyone to use their name.  And so - we used "that" name backwards.  I don't believe they have trademarked it backwards. 

SO my "event" was the QOV Hurdle.  Scrappy Quilters Anonymous made a Quilt of Valor - for wounded soldiers ...  We all made 2 blocks, Some donated sashing, some donated borders, I did the quilting - THAT was my event....quilting the QOV... I do believe I came in first this week!  HA I beat Heather - she was doing 10 blocks for her Sarah's Bridal Sampler. 

I believe I have another event called the 50 yd. binding dash...lol  I think I could WIN the gold on that one to!  Anyone want to come join us on Yuku?

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Heather said...

The QOV turned out great!!