Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Today's Challenge

Normally I'm not a fan of REQUILTING a quilt.  Requilting is where the person has already quilted it BUT wants more - and isn't wanting to do it.  I understand this concept...been there Done that - usually I give the quilt away as is and the new owner is elated because they usually don't quilt.  BUT I have made an exception in the past...mainly when I needed money for something.  My FIRST love is quilting - taking a new pallet and making it my own.  When you work in the constrains of someone else's quilting it just doesn't seem like my own.  More like an embellishment of theirs.  It's hard to explain it. 

A couple weeks ago Roxanne gave me a quilt of her Mom's...she said Mom wants you to make it pretty.  hmmm Ok....what to do?  thinking to myself....SELF you can do this....The quilt is already a VERY nice Paper Pieced blocks of wildlife.  (I can see my daughter-in-law loving this one)  So here is the progress:

We decided just to work with the borders and sashing.  The blocks are stitch in the ditch and really have enough quilting to stabilize them - but I'm thinking - more quilting would take away from her work.  (I guess that could turn into my "pat" answer when I don't want to do something - BUT in this case I believe it is true...no HONESTLY...I swear!

Borders before

Borders after adding feathers

And so goes my day - With luck and God willing I can finish this up before Thursday - Roxanne and I are going to see Magic Mike...right Roxanne???  OK private joke here - We are actually going to see People Like Us. 

Have a great day all...see ya when I finish!

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Heather said...

That definitely makes it beautiful Shirley! GREAT job!!!