Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Good Day is..........

A day spent Quilting!

Yesterday I decided to:
1) Finish Rita's Christmas Wall hanging
2) Load and Finish Pat's Baby Quilt
3) Load and work on Rita's Blue & Yellow Jelly Roll....

Here is Rita's wall hanging...I think it turned out pretty darn AWESOME!  I really love it.  Funny thing was I didn't know what to do to it.  Rita said do anything I wanted...something easy and simple.  I couldn't do that...I knew that this one is going to be a cherished Christmas tradition each year and I needed to make it special.  Rita appliqued each Christmas figure and I knew I couldn't just do a panto over them.  So I double Echoed each then did a swirly circle motion to fill it in. 

Sort of looks like wind blowing around the Christmas tree
You can see the density of the quilting.  Funny - when I started out I didn't want to do anything this dense.  But as I started I knew this was the right thing to do!

The border makes it SING!

I really REALLY love this one!
Ok I'm sure you are looking at this and saying "WHAT THE......????"
Well Pat will be doing the Applique OVER the quilting.  I've never done anything like this but I think it will work well.  I can't wait for Pat to finish this one so I can share it with you!
Today.....about 3 more passes of a panto on Rita's Jelly Roll...
come back later to see pictures of this beautiful one!

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Wanda said...

Love what you did on the Christmas one.