Monday, June 30, 2014

I'm such a great quilter but such a terrible blogger!

I feel I write the same thing in several different places.  It all about quilting since our grand kids had the audacity to grow up and move beyond wanting a gramma to bake them cookies.  So, recently, I have put all my energy into quilting for others.  I haven't quilted one of my own all year!

If I remember correctly I could not get a picture to post in my blog using my iPad, since it has been almost a year since I blogged, let's see if that is still true.  YEP that's right.  So I need to start uploading all my pics to Their pic program or put all my pics on lap top, or just skip doing pictures and go back to quilting.

Anyway, the group on facebook had a post that linked to the posters blog.  She asked me what the name of my blog was and I was almost too embarrassed to tell.  I used to blog a lot, the came Facebook and I started a custom quilting page there.  So of I were to blog about a quilt here, then in a closed group on Yuku, then on my Facebook page, and my Custom page, and to any of my friends who don't do FB but have you see same thing in several places.  I'd being sending all my time copy and pasting and not on quilting.

Ok enough blogging, back to quilting and figure out HOW in the heck to get a pic in here!!!

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