Sunday, January 8, 2017

1/8/17 Been three years

Now where do I start!  Three years how many quilts have gone through the "Cave"?  I have no idea but I'd say a couple hundred.  The "cave" has seen good times and bad!  Mostly good.  Most recently the cave has come above ground.  We sold our house, moved into a metal building garage and are building a new house.  We are almost finished and in a few weeks will move in.

 Remember my longarm is called Squiggy.  He hasn't left my side, nor will he!  He's here in the "garage" and kept Quilting except for a month in April while we packed up, stored much, and moved to the other side to of town.  So here is Squiggy's new "cave".  It's going to be fun to get my stash and stuff out of storage sort of like getting all new stuff!  While my new room is smaller than the last cave, this cave has storage!  I'm s anxious now to move in.


So here it is, a brand new year!  A brand new house!  And brand new quilts to be quilted.  Let's see if I can keep this blog going!


Wanda said...

Go Shirley go !!!!!

Lindsay Luciano said...

If anyone can do it , you can!