Saturday, January 22, 2011



I've finished my January Resolution! 
5 are from the Murray Quilt Lovers Guild
5 are from Scrappy Quilters Anonymous (on line group)

I'm happy I completed my goal for January.  Now I admit that I did not MAKE all 10 - got some help from my friends!  During our Amazing Race Challenge - we had a points race and you could earn more points by making 6" kid friendly 9 patches or friendship stars.  Out of these donated blocks we made 4 quilts!  How amazing are the gals from SQA???  Next month the guild will have a Saturday sewing day where quilts made in December will be quilted and bound.  Some of these quilts need the binding done.  But all in all - I think CASA will be very happy with our donation. 

ON to February.   My Round Robin needs to be De-hairy birded.  I joined a RR and I got back a quilt that needs more work on it.  

So here is the start of it.  It was to be a log cabin - with hopes of a unique setting...I got unique alright... one gal put this cute little cat in some orange flowers.
The orange flowers were a tad over whelming... so my DEAR friend Amy toned it down.  Bless her heart!  BUT I still could not work on it - to quilt it and finish it.  The trees need to be satin stitched to make sure the quilt will withstand washings and to where it is going - Hard usage!  BUT the first thing is - the HAIRY BIRDS.  You are most likely totally confused...Hairy Birds... OH yes... HAIRY BIRDS

This is what happens when you use the buttonhole stitch backwards... you get hairy birds.!  I've begun to take them off and as soon as the RR is de-haired... I'll start on the trees.  Wish me luck - It's not a pretty sight trying to give a bird a hair cut!

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Heather said...

I think that CASA is going to be extremely happy with the donation!