Sunday, January 16, 2011

Jan 16, 2011

More CASA Quilts
Ok - contests over  - - for the moment.  And I'm back to working on the CASA Quilts.  Some how my 9 quilts turned into 10.  I think the 2 from the guild that I've had since Nov - were in a pile - - - Unprotected...  Somehow they
multiplied.  rofl...  So here is # 8 and #9

 And here they are quilted
I guess I should have left them a little larger..(I still hate messing with pictures on blogger - they go where ever THEY want to go...  )  But you get the general idea of them. 

I have one last quilt to do before the end of January and I fulfill the Resolution Challenge for January!  woohoo go me!  On SQA we have a year long challenge.  You get to state what you are going to finish for that month and if you finish all 12 there is prize ... well worth working for.  (I know I'm giving away the prize) WAIT I just thought of something... I know WHAT the prize is... and I'm the one giving it AWAY... so WHAT do I win if I finish all 12 Resolutions??????  Bummer...  Oh well I guess my prize is finishing as MANY UFO's as I can. 
Next months Resolution is to get rid of Hairy Birds....rofl  You just have to WAIT to see this one!  haha

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Heather said...

Hairy birds!! Hahaha! They crack me up! You are going to feel really bad if that is the next "in thing" in quilting and you ripped them all out. LOL!