Saturday, January 8, 2011

Jan 8, 2011

I'm Tired

I had a marvelous day!  I got to be a Day Quilter.  (remember the song Day Tripper? - I've changed it to Quilter) my friend Roxanne invited me to join her and a quilt group from Mayfield KY up at KY Dam Village.  I  didnt want to bring all my stuff and I have a quilt I need to finish for my oldest and dearest friend of 59 years... so I took that.  I came home with a bag of books to read - some $2.00 patterns and one $5.00 book on borders  GOOD DAY!

I didn't get to post the other day that I finished 2 more CASAs - it's looking very good that I'll finish my January goal of 7 (which now turned into 9) CASA quilts.  Tomorrow I'll load up 2 more and maybe start and maybe finish 2 more.  That leaves me with.... lets see I have 2 finished - so 9 take away 6 leaves me THREE!!!    I'll get some pictures of how the pile of CASAs is increasing... 

OH I'm told there is a challenge to post links to blogs with under 300 follows.  HAHAHA me with 300!! I'm impressed I have more than 3.  So anyway here is one that I'm following.. and I run a group on Yuku called Scrappy Quilters Anonymous.  Funny story - She had a group called Scrappy Quilters and I had a group called Quilters Anonymous...she was doing it all herself and so was I.  Last December she had a beautiful baby girl and I helped her keep her site going while she was in the hospital.  We started talking about merging the two groups and helping each other.   Long story short.  We did - it became Scrappy Quilters Anonymous...and we have had a totally fun year.  Lots of challenges and fun games to get your UFO under control ... I love SQA!!!  I LOVE HEATHER...check out her blog!

OK you can tell I'm tired .... I'm babbling! 

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