Monday, January 10, 2011

January 10, 2011

Can  you believe  My Judy Niemeyer Prairie Star won!!  I've won a class from Sympoz on either quilting or cooking.  Ok let's see - I've been sewing since I was 17 and cooking since I was 18....  rofl Hope they offer something new for me.  I'm excited that I won something and that I got so many votes.  I didn't think I had that many friends...I LOVE it! 

So need to get the camera out.!  So need to get pictures.  But the days fly by and hour blurr into one mass of flying numbers....Today was Senior Driving Class...ROFL...  Sort of a joke...the instructor was a volunteer from AARP and talked and talked...4.5 hours of talking.  He talked about distractions while driving.  And how sometimes to break the monotony while driving he sometimes opens a can of soda, eats some popcorn or another snack or turns up his fav. gospel singer and sings along.  (I'm reading the check list of do you ever........  Those 3 things were on the list... IF you check any of the above your are a distracted driver. )  I did ask him about and if sort of back tracked.  I did spend 4 hours doodling in the book for some quilting patterns.  We had to fill our a review... Bill leaned over and said...."I wrote down that the person beside me distracted me by drawing quilting patterns" rofl!  We got our papers for our insurance discount and left. 

I did head downstairs this afternoon and quilted 2 more CASA quilts.  6 down and 3 to go.  Need to get a picture...Won't be tomorrow.  I'm off to Evansville to play with APQS Machines.  I'm anxious to go - but we are expecting snow.  I do NOT like driving on snow covered roads.  But I'm heading out a little after 7 am so that I can take my good sweet time.  Anxious to meet up with an On-line Quilt group friend.  Angela sells APQS Machines and when I can save $ from quilting other quilters tops... (every quilt I do this year goes into savings for my down payment) and find someone to buy my machine.  I will order it from her. 

And so with good luck and sun shine I'll be in Evansville IN all day tomorrow.


Gwen said...

Shirley, I am so glad your quilt won! That is such a beautiful quilt. You did a wonderful job start to finish! I hope you enter it in other shows. It is a beauty than anyone would love. Hugs!

Shirley J said...

Thanks Gwen - I appreciate your kind words...HUGS

Rocknquilts said...

I love the colors in your winning quilt - it's just gorgeous! Congratulations!

Shirley J said...

Thanks Rockn - It means a lot to me to have a wonderful encouragement from another quilter. I appreciate your faith in me and hope to continue.