Saturday, January 1, 2011

January 1, 2011

Finally - first I couldn't remember which email address I used, then I didn't remember the password, then I couldn't find where to create a post...I knew what I was looking for Just didn't know where to look.  STILL don't know how I found this but I've put it into my favorites. 

The SQA Resolution Challenge

What is Jan 1 without a resolution?  Our Quilting Group ~ SQA (Scrappy Quilters Anonymous) is having a challenge...We all make Resolutions - so why not have it about QUILTING!  Each month we will list a UFO, or project, or goal to do that month.  At the end of the month we will have to be accountable for our resolution...did we finish...did we work on it...did we hide it in the closet?  With anticipation for our Resolution Challenge I decided it was time to FIND all the hidden unfinished projects...NOW this is the scarey part...they have MULTIPLIED while stuffed together in storage tubs.  HOW they found room to move around is beyond me!  Behold the picture of the UFO tubs. 
I started a list on a legal pad...and I wrote everything in one tub...and the list grew...then I started on another tub...and it grew and grew...sharpened pencil...and wrote some more.  I couldn't believe I had that many.  Finally got to the last tub...drew a line and started a 2'nd column.  THOUGH I had them all when I found a bag with MORE.  Someone needs to have an intervention with me.  Hello My Name is Shirley and I'm a quilt-aholic. 
January's Resolution is to work on 7 CASA quilts...
3 are ready to be quilted
1 needs a few more friendship stars and then put together
3 are blocks and need it all. 

Can I finish all these and make 7 tops into quilts??? Yes I can....I think I can.....the Resolution chart is making me do it!!! 


Jen said...

First to follow! LOL
Great topic! I can't wait to see your progress.

Sandy said...

Of course, you can do it. Maybe I'll nag you a little!

Shirley J said...

Ok nag away! Ohhh my first stalker...Oh I mean follower...rofl I'll work on them tomorrow...

Heather said...

You have another stalker. I mean follower!