Sunday, January 2, 2011

January 2, 2011

The Ice has Been Broken

Every January I have this period of funk...where I sit and don't do anything.  I don't sew...although I dream about I think that counts as a sewing activity.  I don't shop for fabric...although I think about it so that counts except on stash busters.  And this lasts for approximately 2 to 3 weeks...longest period was a month I seriously started to worry about me that year.  OH and then the year that I had my shoulder operated on right after the New that year it was a couple of months...badddd year!

Ok so back to 2011...(which I like typing 2011 much better than 2010) I loaded up one of our SQA casa quilts thinking I'd wait until tomorrow... cleaned up the quilter...he sure gets dusty (I never did name him maybe that would be a cute name) and did the row of basting to hold the quilt/batting/backing together.  Then thought...ok 1 row...just to see if I like the loopies on it.  Worked well - so I did another row...and another and WOW it's done! 
I've loaded the backing for the next casa but I have to stitch a batting together.  So I think that one will be on tomorrow's list. 
I need to figure out how to put a UFO/MIA/CRS list to the side I can list my 42 UFO/ my 2 MIA / and my 2 CRS ones... and ONE FINISH!  the first of the new year....2011


Terry said...

Wow, when you get moving, you go! (CASA is such a great cause. We have it in OK, too.)

Sandy said...

Love this quilt! And love that you aren't going to get into that funk this year!

Heather said...

Can't wait to see all the CASA quilts done! And the 42 UFO's. If you click on Dashboard and then design. You can add all sorts of HTML boxes to the side bar here.