Thursday, February 3, 2011


MY First UFO Finish for 2011

Although I did finish 9 CASA quilts for our guild in my January Resolution Challenge - It didn't feel like it was MY finish.  But now the damn is starting to crack...  My first finish is from a Guild Sewing Saturday.  It was a "lesson" on making an easy Stack/Slash/Shuffle.  It was started last fall - when I went to Paducah to meet up with friends at Hancocks.  I purchased the backing on the sale table.  It was DEAD ON the size I needed.  I was going to get 2.25 yards but the piece on the sale table was just 2. I thought I would trim off the borders...but being careful I didn't have to.  It was perfect! 
Will work on the Round Robin tomorrow.  I've already pinned on some other green fab to increase the size of the trees.  Then I need to satin stitch around them.  The problem is - the orginal tree was not just one piece.  But she cut several pieces of the same fabric but used fusible and a hem stitch to stitch them to the background.  Well raw edge applique and me don't agree.  I want the quilt to be washed and used. So now I'll have to go around each piece on the trees.  Just seems like a lot of work to me.  AND the tree trunks.  They need to be worked on. But then it is just time to quilt it. 

Then there is Bat Wings. Which I'm renaming to Blue and Yellow Pinwheels

This one needs 3 or so more rows of blocks set and borders.  That is a do-able top for February.

And Grandson, Buddy asked if I could make him a quilt for his birthday - with  Theatrical  theme.  He has been in several productions from local groups...and I'd like to incorporate them into the quilt.  That will be started next week...HOPE it can be finished by March 28.

Ok Done babbling for tonight.  Sweet Dreams!

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Rocknquilts said...

I like the design for your Blue & Yellow Pinwheels!