Sunday, February 13, 2011

February 13, 2011

Standing  Still

I'm Stuck...decisions decisions!  Back to the Round Robin from .... long ago (what did you think I was going to say??)  Something just seems amiss on it..  At first it was the hairy birds.  (they went to Hairy bird Heaven) Then this:
My floating House! 
Check this out - levitation at it's best!
bring on the spooky music!

So I added "shrubs" to cover the corners

A house on a Hill??
Something just seemed "wrong" (could it be the bad vibes of the entire project?)  My friend Roxanne said the house needed to be grounded more...ok - cut out MORE shrubs

Now it looks REALLY bottom heavy...  I've lost the house and all I see is grass, flowers, shrubs, trees!!! Oh no!  Like I said  - I cant see the forest through the trees!  SIGH

So Heather says put it aside - give it a rest - try again in a week or so.  (in all honestly - I think we are having a race on doing our resolution challenges and she wants to be ahead of me - - again or still)  BUT she may have a point.  I've looked and looked at this one until my eyes are clouded with bushes! 

So my other resolution is to get Bud's project into a top.  Next ....rofl
Here is my sort of rendition from EQ

Bud asked for a quilt for his (March 28) with a theatrical theme.  Hmmmm????  Yipes!  What could I do?  He finally relented to give me some tshirts from his preformances.  (the shirts in the pictures) Just got those yesterday so today I hope to have them into blocks.  The Ohio Stars have changed to Kaleidscope stars - cause I have some muse mask fabric that will make a terrific block.  Maybe work on those today.  The chained stars are done, the blue stars with white centers - the centers will be pictures of Bud in costume.  The snails trails will be tricky - since they are 15" blocks...and no where on the internet are patterns for the size of the EQ I'd have to MAKE the block to get the I've just measured the angles and will cut the fabric and hope for the best. 

WISH ME LUCK!  I'm going in! 

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