Saturday, March 5, 2011

March 5

Productive day

Rainy day here in what to do on a rainy day - nap or sew... I wanted to nap but sewed instead.

Squared up some blocks for a swap - ready to go...need env. and 4 more blocks. 
Worked on the Candy Bar Wrapper Challenge and lack 4 blocks.  roflol...I'm catching a pattern here!

I realized I can't show you my progress cause I need it to be a surprise for June.  Hmmm I guess I could show it...there are a few friends in here that are also going.  I could show it - but they have to guess which candy it is.  Hmmmm???  I might and then again - I'll keep you all in suspense until June. 

I need to order some thread from someplace.  My machine is beginning to like YLI thread - except it fuzzes more than Superior...BUT is cheaper than Superior.  Been using up thread like crazy doing CASA quilts (quilted 6 more on Wednesday) I might stick with superior.  Maybe just once more.  I do like their thread.

Ok off to meet up with a customer.  Heard from another so tomorrow I can start quilting.  Almost glad I didn't hear from her today - cause I almost have my Candy done! 

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