Saturday, May 7, 2011

May 7, 2011

Where am I....What am I doing here?  Who are you????

I can NOT believe I've let my blog go for oh so long.  I do know I've been busy.  March...hmmm I did finish Buddy's quilt for his and 3 other UFOs.  April...sigh...April was a bad month.  My Resolutions for April were;
Chocolate star (just top)
Bright Houses (just top)
CASA quilting (5)

I Did manage to quilt all the CASAs...I didn't get pictures of them - Some are gone to other guild members to do the binding...some are all done.  I hope to get a picture - but they do need to go to CASA for there are children waiting for them.  We have plenty of little children we are working on ones for like 6-9 and older.  Teens are the hardest to do for.  But we hope that one teens finds in his/her heart that someone cares about them. 
Bright houses turned into Bright Ghetto.  I just love a fun name

This was a fun swap on Scrappy Quilters Anonymous.  At first I wanted them all to be the same color...say BLUE...but now I'm so pleased that I was out voted.  I love it!  I see a few goofs in the picture - but Hey - I'm not Purrfic.  I have now add the quilting of it to my May Resolutions.  Another project was my Chocolate Star quilt from at LEAST 2 years ago.  I'm up to the borders now...Yet again - added to May's resolutions.  Then just for the fun of it...and since it was last month UFO project for another group that didn't get finished - I have a Double Wedding ring - with all the melons done - from at least 4 years ago that I need to work on.  OHHHH and NOT on the list is my Candy Bar Challenge for a retreat in June. 

Now add in going to the Paducah Quilt show - and you have a very short month of April...

OH did I forget to add...
I have a new addition to my quilty family.  As some of you know I've named my sewing machine Laverne.  So for years Laverne and Shirley (that would be me - my name is Shirley)  have sew and played together - - Nicely I might add.  And so - I'd love for all of you to meet Squiggy
Squiggy - meet my friends.  Some of my group friends have taken on one of my traits...Nagging.  They said I had to blog about my adventures with Squiggy.  (get it...Laverne, Shirley, Squiggy) Squiggy arrived last Friday night.  This week we have been getting to know each other.  I know I have a big learning curve from the machine I had before and the "Freedom" I have with Squiggy.  Within this week I have quilted 5 CASAs (not on my resolution list...WHAT was I thinking??) I think we are doing ok.  We have tested the waters from using bottom line in the bobbin and so fine on Bottom line and King Tut...can you say LEARNING~  Yesterday we made headway.  Tomorrow I'll use some prewound bobbins that came with Squiggy and some King Tut...We will see how we do. 

Well - guess I need to go do something - now that I have my SQAers off my back and I'm caught back up on Blogging. 

Hope you all have a wonderful Mother's Day...

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