Saturday, May 14, 2011

May 14, 2011

MADE IT - through Friday the 13th... Nothing eventful happened.  Was a busy week - I'm afraid Squiggy has sat there eyeing me and Laverne.  We had a bunch of alterations to do.  I made 4 valances, hemmed a pr. of pants, shortened pants to shorts with cuffs, made a needlework piece into a pillow and put buttonholes and buttons on 11 pr. of men's pants.  All were finished and delivered.  Only thing on the alteration list is 8 curtain panels to shorten for a neighbor...will start those either this afternoon or tomorrow.

So this month my resolution list - I have 3  projects: DWR, Bright Ghetto, and Chocolate Stars.  So far my progress is - 1/2 of my friendship star border for Chocolate Stars are finished.  Bought background for ring centers and have the backing for Bright Ghetto.  Squiggy might actually be put to use this week.  I'm excited!

CASA quilts.  Roxanne gave me 3 tops and 1 quilt for them.  I now need to find backing and batting.  One day this week I hope to head over to Backyard Fabrics to get backings and inquire about batting.  I guess I need to find a source for both. 

Tomorrow...hope to make progress on Resolution Challenge....look out Chocolate I come!

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