Friday, June 10, 2011

June 10, 2011

Happy Birthday to ME

Happy Birthday to MEEE

Happy Birthday dear Shirley I mean Sewbeeeeeeeee

Happy Birthday to MEEEEEEEEEEE - and many moooreee! is my birthday - and when we get to the ripe old age of 65 so many of us try to slide past the day unnoticed.  I was like that - then I thought Well HECK...why not wing it up - have a great time - stare father time in the face and tweak his nose...  There - got you smiling...and why not.  Age is just a state of mind...and as long as your mind is still functioning...why not enjoy the age?  Remember the Age of Aquarius?  Good then you are about the same age as me....Remember the Alamo?  Nope neither do I - oh well....  Just remember the good times - enjoy friends...and the heck with the numbers...

I'm having a great day - I hope you are to


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Happy Happy Birthday, Shirley!!!