Thursday, June 2, 2011



This week is GONE!  Did I pull a Rip Van Winkle? 

I had a GREAT class with the BEST APQS rep in Louisville last Saturday.  I met 7 wonderful ladies and we had a super time learning about threads, battings, you name it we covered it.  Then we went to the machine and learned all sorts of things.  I loved the first hand approach of cleaning the machine.  I am SO glad Angela didn't clean her machine so we could SEE the fuzz fly - the dust bunnies scatter - and the machine give a sigh of relief with a WD40 bath...YES I didn't know it either - but quilters need a bath once a week. 

Past picture ... here is Jackie's Maxine quilt she made for her sister

Then after I got home from Saturday's class I had to go finish my Chocolate Stars.  So here it is...

I tried to make it where you could see the stitching...I don't think I succeeded.  BUT it is pretty.  It's the same panto I used on Bright Ghetto.  I've already had 4 offers...2 that would take it off my hands, 1 to steal it and 1 to buy it for the lowest possible price.  rofl. 

Moving on - I worked on 2 more CASA quilts - I now have 3 finished - ready for binding

Check out the last picture - I made my own panto.  Just a bunch of straight lines BUT they are MY straight lines...I drew a bunch and I think it turned out pretty cool.  It looks very typical for a kid.  CASA quilts are great to practice stuff on.  So 3 down and 4 more to go.  I went to our LQS (which is almost to the next county for me) I picked up backings for 4 more CASA - It's going to be a good month for CASA quilts.  (last week I delivered 12)  I talked with the owner (who also just bought an APQS but she hasn't used hers much and has had it 6 months) about putting business cards in her shop.  She said it was fine - but it sounded like her friend in Clarkville comes up and picks up quilts will get the majority of the business.  She wasn't even interested in me doing one for free for advertising me.  So I'm still trying to figure out this advertising for business. 

So I'm heading to a treat in about a week and a half.  Bill (my hubby) is helping me get ready to go.  He bought me this shirt............
Hmmmm he knows I'm a cheap date and 2 drinks and I'm a goner! rofl
Then he got me this mug

Now WHAT was this about????  I need to find something like this regarding his Harley!  payback time!


Sandy said...

Gotta love those husbands with a fun sense of humor! LOL

Your work is just great! Thanks for sharing.

Heather said...

My offer still stands to take the chocolate stars off your hands! Everything looks great as usual Shirley!

Angela Huffman said...

The panto looks super GREAT on those chocolate stars. I'm so glad you could come up to Louisville and clean my machine! :)