Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June 14, 2011


Tomorrow I'm off for a 4 day quilt retreat!  This is an on-line group that has one every year.  I joined this group about 3 or 4 years ago and they are wonderful.  The first year I went - well there was some trouble.  I won't go into details...but the new group that sprung up is the BEST!!!  Last year we had a COPS theme...gave out tickets, had court, LAUGHED so much that we joked that next year we need to bring Depends with us.  So This year we have a Royal Court theme...everyone is bringing Tiaras and I can only imagine what will happen!  You will know about it when I return...but I can only imagine it will be GOOD!

I'm taking 1-UFO 1-new project 1-binding and my embroidery project (that I was megged into doing)

My UFO is a strip pieced double wedding ring.

YES I KNOW...I have a lot of work to do to meet my resolution of getting it into a top for June.

My new project is called Cinco De Mayo.  It is BRIGHT colorful...and a lot of work.  (Why do I catch a pattern here...most of my projects involve work)  Also my grandson's birthday is May 5 and I thought it would be neat to have a quilt named after his birthday.  I never would have picked this bright colored one for him - but he said it looked cool and SURE he would like it. 
Cinco is on the left

I'm hoping to get all the melons into the centers and maybe 3 blocks of Cinco done in 4 days.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

See you next week

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Heather said...

Have fun on your retreat!! Wish that I could go!