Sunday, July 17, 2011

July 17, 2011

Busy time for Windward Quilting.

Which - don't get me wrong is a good thing!  I brought home two quilts from our retreat in St. Louis in June.  Had a few other to finish but now I'm all about Cathie's Quilts.  I've finished her Underground Railroad and it is MARVELOUS

I love this quilting pattern.  I'm sure you will see in this design in more of the quilts that I do.  It's such a flowing pattern.  I enjoy doing it.  But I do believe I need to add more panto patterns to my collection.  Do any of you have a favorite Panto?

I've now have Cat's other quilt on the frame.  It is HUGE!  117" x 99"!!  The backing was larger than my frame!  What fun it was to wrestle the monster into submission.  rofl.  I emailed back and forth with Cat to get an idea of what design she wanted on the monster.  We decided on just doing some freehand designs.  I sort of did some rough drawings on a picture in Paint.  She picked the one she likes and here are the results.  I'm not completely finished yet...but I hope Monday or Tuesday I can be finished and mail them back to Cat.  I sure hope she likes the designs!

So this is what I've been doing - With luck Windward quilting will get more new customers. 
See you all later - stay cool! (if possible)


Heather said...

Great quilts and awesome quilting as always!!!

Sandy said...

Very nice!!!!