Tuesday, January 10, 2012


New record - I'm blogging!!!

I've posted on FB and sent an  email to my customers that from now until Feb 29 (lol or 30th) I'm offering a 10% off labor.  So far I've have 2 inquiries on email (from FB) and a phone call from a friend of a customer.  WHEW...with luck the winter doldrums won't be nearly as dull as last year. 

I got to thinking I need a customer photo album for 2012...then somehow link it here.  I need tec support to help me out.  Wonder if my friend Heather knows.....

Anyone who reads my blog....you are in on my offer...email me at sajackson@wk.net and I'll send you a PDF file.  Get those tops into quilt for 2012...

Here is one that Aggie gave her sister for Christmas.  Now I need to find Aggie's that she gave to her hubby.  WHERE are those pictures...I NEED an Album for 2012!

FOUND IT!  This one is amazing.  It was a Sampler that Aggie wanted EACH blocks with some different quilting.  It took a bit of imagination but I DID it!  And to be honest...it's one of my favorites!

As you can see I had a "feather" theme going on.  In the borders and sashing, even some blocks.  I think that it just worked well with this quilt going to a guy.  Thread was a poly from Superior and just was great to work with.  I really hope that in 2012 I have more quilts like this one what challenge me. 


Sandy said...

Good to see you blogging. Nice feathers!

aggie said...

Thanks again Shirley for the extrodinary job you did on Earnie's quilt!