Sunday, January 8, 2012


LOOK AT THIS!!!  I'm blogging and only 8 days have passed since my last attempt!

News on the home front...Aaron gets the pins out of his arm in 8 days!

I'm working on 12 crazy quilt blocks for Designing Women.  Making some progress.  I have 6 blocks pieced.  and 1 block almost with all the embroidery and 3 more in progress...2 blocks are just sitting there and waiting on me!

3 of the doilies I crocheted.  I only found 2 in my lace box.  Could NOT find any 2" doilies on the internet - so I'm making my own.  They are only 3 or 4 no biggie...BUT embroidering the flowers on them are such a PITA.  I have to pick up some more silk ribbon.  I find I'm using a lot of it.  Need to pick out some more ideas for embroidery - the Crazy Blocks I see are loaded with gorgeous hand work. 

Off to do something else.  Should clean - but hey, it only gets dirty again.

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Sandy said...

Really pretty!! I just know you must be LOVING making these blocks. LOL