Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dec 31, 2011

It's official!  I'm the world WORST Blogger!  I procrastinate until I don't do it!  Why?  I have a list of excuses - none are valid!

Looking back over 2011 - (picture me teetering my hand back and forth) So So.  Good times, bad times, good quilting times, bad quilting times.  All in all I'd say 2011 was 85% positive rating.. 

I finished 12 or so UFO that had been sitting around.  The latest is my Log Cabin Christmas one.  It didn't get quilted in time to use this year...but the nice thing about Christmas is - it comes this time EACH year...we can count on it...just like tax time!  I hope to finish 12 UFO in 2012 - see 12 in '12...(cool saying that I just came up with) How about you - want to go on a 2012 Challenge?  Finish 12 in '12...

Here is my Darling Granddaughter Mandy  I was feeling bad at Christmas because I  couldn't get her to tell me what she wanted.  She got the usual sweater, leggings, shampoo etc.  After we ate and opened gifts we were talking about her apt. in Louisville.  She was telling me she changed from the Black/White Dorm room to shades of blue...but the brighter blues.  I ran downstairs and pulled this one off the quilt rack and said "LIKE THIS"  she was smiling and saying JUST like that - so I gave it to her.  Wish I could have wrapped it up!  But she has a little bit of NannyLove with her at school.

 Bill got me a new a new camera for Christmas - I was doing the "learning curve" when our dog Ebby came up to check it out - just messing with it I took her picture...funny thing is now I can't delete it from the camera!!!  She is on the welcome screen - I look in the folders...this picture is NOT there...apparently she has a "love" relationship with my new Coolpix!   

So Everyone - it's New Years Eve...have you got big plans?  Tomorrow I'm working on another UFO - Hey that will be #1 of the 12 for '12. 

They were MORE swap blocks (Yes I am the Queen of the Swaps) all in Blues & White.  I was the coordinator and promised everyone that no matter what they sent in - they would receive back the same # and all would be different.  Well I was a fool!  I thought no matter what happened I wouldn't have to make up THAT many different ones.  I remember making a LOT of stars that month!  I have several duplicates.  But in this one for tomorrow I'm hoping not to have 2 alike.  Some might be the same star pattern - but in different fabric.   I have enough left to make another one.  Might be fun to see what other sort of block I can add to make it a large quilt. 

So HAPPY NEW YEAR all you quilty folks out there.  Come back in about 3 months to see my new post...if I continue on procrastinating like I did this year.  Be happy and remember  12 in '12


Sandy said...

Happy New Year to you, too! Love the quilt you gave to Mandy! Will be watching you finish your 12 in '12!

Heather said...

I will be cheering you on this year so you can get your 12 in 2012 done!