Saturday, November 12, 2011

November 12, 2011

Ok Ok I admit it - I'm the world's worst blogger..BUT in my defense I have been a LITTLE busy - playing Santa's quilty elf.

I left off going to a retreat in Frankfort Il.  I had a blast...Love the girls there...lots of laughs and lots of sewing.
I finished these:
Tote bag that my son asked me to make for his girlfriend's daughter. 

Halloween quilt from 2 different on-line groups in 2 different years

Jelly roll race that I WON!!!! 

Had so much fun making one I made another one - just for fun!

Christmas Log Cabin swap from YEARS ago!!

Since I was meeting a wonderful friend there she asked me to quilt 2 quilts for her and I saved her shipping by hand delivering them to her
This one is spectacular!  Aggie did a sampler for her DH - she requested something "great" - every blocks needed to be different.  We decided on feathers for the borders and let me figure out what to do in each block.  She was quite satisfied (whew by the time I got to the 20th one I had run out of ideas)

This is another PERFECT sampler for her sister.  Even the back was a beautiful quilt!

When we left the retreat Aggie gave me a couple more to work on - I've since finished her 20 year PITA.  (We all have had one of those - right?  If you said no I know you are lying) Anyway we had to do a little taming of the Shrew.  We decided to quilt it a LOT - I think I got carried away and maybe did too much.  But all the little waves went "bye-bye" and Aggie let me know she was delighted. 

I have one more to work on for Aggie - But that's another day -
OH also I went to another retreat (yes Hello - my name is Shirley and I'm addicted to retreats) and I'll post  some pictures of my finishes there. 

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Sandy said...

Wow, you really did get a lot done. It all looks beautiful.