Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Customer

I got a call last week from Phyllis M.  She had 4 tops she wants me to quilt for her!  I picked them up and decided to start with this one...(forgive me for the terrible pictures they were taken with my phone)

Phyllis said she wants something "nice" in the white triangles - so I figured I feel confident with feathers.  I had a couple of free hand designs for them - in my head.  When I actually got it on the frame I changed my mind and used a stencil.

I think the feathers worked well.  BUT what in the world to do in the colored triangles?  See pic below.  Roxanne said the straight lines were boring!  So I took them out.  Dang HER!  (but she was right) I like the little swirly design in the hst.  Sort of softens the angles.  But what to do in the colored triangle.

Come back later today to see what I decided on.  

To Be Continued

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