Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Phyllis Continued

Worked a little on (the bad pic one) yesterday and more today.  Phyllis does AMAZING work.  Even my hubby commented on how nice everything was.  (He's actually "talking like a quilter" )  I finally decided how to quilt this puppy - and I think it has character!

This is a little bit of FUN.  I have a light under the quilt and the light show through the stitches - looks like candlewicking - IF you know what candlewicking is...

This one I turned the light out and the quilting shows up nice

Ok this one you see only the quilting on the dark fab.
SIGH...but this is actually how it is.

Just look at the points on those Half Square Triangles.  - AWESOME PHYLLIS...everything is so straight and so well pieced.  LOVE it...I hope to finish this one up tomorrow.  (it's a non-workout day so first thing in the morning I'm heading to my sewing room with a cup of coffee in hand - and not come up until lunch)

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