Saturday, February 11, 2012

Paducah 9 Patch

Started another customer quilt yesterday - got it loaded and bobbins wound - then started off - woohoo I get to use my favorite Panto again!  You think I'd get tired of it...but not yet.  I am thinking of getting some new ones.  But here is Roxanne's Paducah 9 Patch.  You saw the back of it with it's perfectly pressed seams.  Now here is the front. 

Roxanne and I agreed on a variegated gold thread (King Tut from Columbia River Quilting) and Bottom Line for the bobbin.  It's a wonderful combination.  Now for a NON-Paid commercial.  While surfing the internet I found Columbia River Quilting - they had a sale on Superior threads and I bought 4 cones of it on Wednesday afternoon.  Wednesday EVENING I got an email saying it was shipped.  Well to my surprise the thread arrived on Friday mornning.  All I can say is WOW I'm totally impressed with Columbia River Quilting and even though they are all the way in Vancouver Washington and I'm in the middle in Murray KY I'm VERY satisfied!  Needless to say I'll be ordering my threads from them again.  WAY TO GO Columbia River Quilting!!!!!!!!!!! 


Heather said...

Love the quilt and as always great quilting Shirley!

sewbee01 said...

Thanks! I hope to finish it either tomorrow or Monday

Sandy said...

Very nice! She put a lot of work into that quilt and you just made it even better.