Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Well I have 2 more quilts to go!  I got one in the mail today another Red/Green one!  If you promise not to look at the messy under the quilter I'll show you!
I'm totally open to suggestions on quilting it.  Pat liked what I did on Mary Helen's so I know there will be lots of quilting.  I'm thinking I need to do something cool in the corners...I can hear Roxanne say  "You need to do at least 2 lines of Echoing!"  lol  I've got to put the picture into paint and try a few ideas.  Hmmmm maybe crossed lines in the checkboard section...??? 

I've ordered thread for Roxanne's so I might put this one on tomorrow and see what I can come up with!
I have to show you the back of Roxanne's...have you ever seen seams that are pressed in such perfect position?
I bet they are going to be a breeze to quilt over.  I already know that we are using my favorite panto (the feather one) and she wants gold thread.  I like how everything is falling into place!

OHHH my order for ThankYou notes and note pads are being shipped UPS - so I'll have them in a couple of days.  I need to ask Amy if she wants to wait and be the first to get my special quilty notes!


Sandy said...

You are a busy lady. Your customers sure do make pretty quilts!

sewbee01 said...

Thanks Sandy - my customers are my special ones!