Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Time for me

I had this brilliant idea to work on my own stuff...if I'm going to get 12 in '12 I need to get busy.  So I was going to quilt my NY day UFO one...the blue stars one.  I had bought a poly down batting - I like that batting - for me - it's light weight and fluffy.  So I had my Navy blue backing - and started to second guess my thought of extensive quilting in the white squares.  Hmmm I did have a new Pantograph I could use...ok decided since I'll be giving it away at Christmas time - why not just do the panto.  THEN it hit me - would I see the backing through the white squares....Oh dear - and YES I could.  Scrapped this quilting project until I can get some white on white backing.  bummer.  So now what?

I had put some flannel blocks together into a small top - and that one needed borders.  So I did that and it turned out CUTE!  I even found some wide minky that I can use for the backing.  So I decided once done I'll put this one away for a future great grand child (with luck it will be a long long time away)

Check out the Minky!  Isn't that cool?  Ok here I go again   maybe I don't like the yellow...I do have blue that would go with the center blue - but not the orange and red.  OH DEAR what to do! 

After reviewing what I had - I decided to save the minky - I had 4 yds of monkey faced flannel.  Pieced it and have already done 2 passes on it with the new Panto.  I have to head out to the guild meeting late this afternoon...so I'll finish this one tomorrow.   ** end of update.  lol

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