Sunday, March 4, 2012

2 more + 2 new customer!

I've got 2 quilts here that I can work on this coming week.  One more from Phyllis (owner of the last amazing quilt I finished) and a really cool black & white with teal from De a new customer I met at a Quilting to Share retreat last fall.  De's quilt has a heart breaking story.  Three young adults died in a untimely accident.  De made this quilt for one of the families.  It really is a bitter sweet journey for me.  I love getting a new customer but so sad under these circumstances.

This Friday I'll be meeting Lindsay at a coffee shop in town.  Roxanne has brought Lindsay to me.  (Thank you Roxanne)  Lindsay was afraid that Phyllis had me all booked up and she needs this one done by the end of March.  Luckily Phyllis has been very easy to work with.  She told me she is in no hurry and if someone needed to be placed ahead of her - feel free to.  Isn't that lovely of her!

I've moved Phyllis's amazing quilt to my living room on the back of the loveseat.  I figured I might as well enjoy the "view" before I have to give it back.

Ok I need to get to work.  See ya later with a picture of De's.  CYA!

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