Saturday, March 24, 2012

Another row done

Good Saturday morning all.  Pretty cloudy here in KY - a perfect day to quilt!  I've finished another row on Tana's Mom's quilt.  For someone who was in her 70's when she embroidered this - I am amazed.  Her stitching is even and neat.  It is so much fun to quilt this and wonder what she was thinking about as she did this...Maybe like - "WHAT was Tana thinking when she got me this freaking kit to do?  A nice wall hanging would have been a lot easier to do...dang that daughter of mine!"

lol Just KIDDING Tana - I've got 4 more rows to do - with luck I can finish this tomorrow.  I want to do 2 more rows today - so that tomorrow I'll have an easy day.

Pictures of Row 2

Don't know why this one is so yellow - I swear I didn't spill coffee on it.  Hope I didn't jinx myself.  Guess I won't be taking anything to drink in my sewing room until this one is done.

I feel like I'm getting the "hang" of filling in spaces with feathers.  At first I didn't think I would like this - BUT once again the customer was right.  Thanks for the learning curve Tana !  (oops I see Montana has a corner that needs a little more fill.  - I LOVE pictures - shows me things my "eye" doesn't see.  

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