Friday, March 23, 2012

"State" of

Phyllis couldn't stop complimenting my quilting!  It made me feel so good that she absolutely loved her quilt.  She said she was going to bind it in the same pale green that sashed the blocks.  She is going to let the Ice House hang her quilt in their quilt show for the entire month of April.  I DO need to get over there to see it.

So Another satisfied customer and on to the next one.  I was going to load up the Int. Decorator's but my heart told me to do Tana's.  I've finished the first row.  Tana decided she wanted lots and lots of feathers and that is what she is getting.  Here is the 1st row.

Looking at the pictures I think I need to go back and fill in some places.  But not bad for a couple hours of work.  Ok Break Time is over - back to work!


Anonymous said...

Looking good--I`m keeping up with

Shirley J said...

It's good to have you looking over my shoulder, Francis...HUGS

Nancy Aubrey said...

You forgot to list "Expert Blogger" to your accomplishments-this is Very Impressive.