Monday, March 26, 2012


Tana gave her Mom the quilt yesterday afternoon.  She posted this on her Facebook page:

Mom cried when I showed her the quilt the picture of our two hands is beautiful but is for our (and my families) eyes only she is so frail but her voice is so strong. She said she was sorry she couldn't embroider anymore but each great-grandchild has a quilt she embroidered and I have some blocks to use for her great-greats.....yep even 50 years from now we'll have UFO projects. 

I am so glad that I could be a part of fulfilling her wish to have her quilt finished.  She has to be a very special lady.  Tana - I've never met your mom but I think I love her and her family!

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Sandy said...

That is just SO special. What a blessing to get that kind of feedback.