Tuesday, March 27, 2012

to clean or to quilt

THAT is the question.  Whether tis nobler in the mind to quilt ?  That is my question....which will win today?  Well I do believe it will be to quilt.  I have a "bedspread" on the frame now for the Murray Interior Decorator.  I've done a few in the past - we talked yesterday and he has another one ready for me to pick up tomorrow - so I have to finish this one that is 1/2 done.

Squiggy (my APQS sidekick) got his "bath" yesterday and was ready to rock & ROLL!  (back and forth) I figure I'll have the one on the frame done by lunch time - and will then put on Phyllis's last one.  She changed her mind and asked if I could have it done so that she could get the binding on it for the Ice House show in April.  I think that since we planned on using a Panto - I can have it done rather quickly.

This is the next one...Phyllis's scrappy quilt...and when she said scrappy she meant SCRAPPY - I honestly don't think she used the same fabric twice!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm at a stand still or I'd be downstairs loading this baby up.  I came upstairs to get it - and looked at it...scratched my head and decided to call her - no answer - and no answering machine.  So I guess I'm at a stand still  - does that mean I have to clean??????????????????????????

Then I'd be down to one....but I have 2 coming in via mail....and picking up another one on Thursday.  March has been a wonderful time for helping quilters with their birthday presents, wedding gifts and a very special gift to Tana.  Yes I've enjoyed March!

We have 2 new lurkers who have joined us!  Welcome - I hope you enjoy my blogging experience - along with the quilting pictures!  Thanks for joining me.... GROUP HUGS


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