Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Allergy time in KY

Well I'm a tad I'm a lot tired!  Headache started last night - it was after midnight before I could fall asleep and then it was only cause I took an allergy pill that MAKES you fall asleep.  So this morning all woozy, still had headache - and the pounding continues next door...All that could just about do me in...BUT I donned my headphones and trudged down to the cave and MADE Squiggy behave.  Yesterday when we started Phyllis's - he was NOT being a good boy!  Today he started the same thing!  Bad Squiggy - but I stopped and listened to him.  Changed the cone of thread (which I don't think was the problem) oiled up his bobbin housing (did that yesterday and don't think that was the problem) AND changed the needle to a MUCH larger one...that made him happy.  Since he was quilting so well I made one bathroom break and we quilted until Phyllis's was done.  I called and we will meet up tomorrow morning

This morning Angie's Black & White top came in - we went into town to deliver the Interior Decorator's (no pictures cause his stuff just reminds me of a JC Penney's bedspread - but I'm not complaining) and picked up some red thread for Angie...when we got home the backing was here from Hancocks.  So tomorrow afternoon I'll be loading this one.

 Tomorrow is hand sewing with Judy and Roxanne - ahhhh will be good to see some quilting friends and do lunch!  Always some laughs when I'm with them!


Sandy said...

Oh, I love that quilt. I made one and forgot how pretty it is. I think I need to make another one now that I have seen this.

Shirley J said...

ME TO! I should have just kept this one! - Thought the black and white could be my challenge for the retreat.

Heather said...

Love that quilt!! Cant' wait to see the black/white/red one done.