Friday, March 30, 2012

Makes me want to.........

Get Married again!  Remember Angie's Black & white one?  Well it is for a wedding present for some friends of their...It's LOVELY!  I wish I had received presents like that when Bill and I got married some 48 years ago ...  We got about 20 blankets...back in 1964 that was THE present to give.  Anyway, got off the track.  Angie is giving the gift from her heart.  A quilt is a present that says - YOU BETTER STAY TOGETHER!    Just Kidding.  But when you put all the work into a quilt for a gift it says a lot about you.  Angie - you are a wonderful person and I admire you and your work.  Nice job on this quilt!  (ps our anniversary is in August)

So this is the top Angie made - I think it is perfect for a wedding gift

She specifically asked for these hearts (Had used them once before in a quilt for her)

Just a couple more pictures of her wonderfully sewn quilt  -  I have a feeling that this couple is going to be VERY Happy with their wedding present from Angie and her hubby.


Sandy said...

I love those hearts!

Shirley J said...

Thank you Sandy...I love them to!