Sunday, April 1, 2012

Story of the Delivery

Well it is 4:15 and my BUTT is sore!  And now for the Rest of the Story!

At 12:00 we leave the house to deliver Angie's quilt to her.  I've never been to her house but it is a gorgeous day and Bill wants to go for a motorcycle ride.  He entices me by saying we can delivery Angie's quilt.  I think Ok that's a fairly good idea.  My idea of fun is NOT sitting on the back of the motorcycle for days.  I gather up the quilt - put it in the back carrier - safe and sound.  Since this is the first ride of 2012 I have to find my helmet, boots, jacket, ear plugs - take my MP3 player and since I'll have helmet-hair no sense in making myself "purty".  OFF we go.

NOW since the Egner Ferry Bridge was hit by a HUGE boat a few months back - there is NO direct route to her house.  We hadn't even made it to Hwy 80 when I'm peeling off my sweatshirt.  Someone forgot to tell me it is going to be 90* this afternoon!!!!!!!!  We ride a good 45 minute to get UP to the dam at KY Lake - over the damn and cross over to the Trace (a road that goes down through LBL (land between the lakes) To get to the road which connects to the bridge that is out which would normally take 20 min - but now has taken AN HOUR AND A HALF - and by now my butt has gone numb...

We have to go across LBL now to get to Cadiz...over another bridge which does have all the sections!  Find the side road which leads to Angie's.  Need to watch - she said her road is between mile marker 9 and 10 (yes my numb cheeks had to ride another 10 miles)  OOPSS missed her road - ride a little bit further to turn around - mind you turning a motorcycle with 2 people on it on a narrow back road sends a chill down my spine (normally on an 80*+ day a chill might be nice) - Angie says at the top of the 3rd hill - those weren't hills - we needed a mountain goat to get up there!

FOUND IT!  Angie LOVED the hearts and really LOVED her choice of red thread.  I'm so GLAD!  I love to have a happy customer.  We stayed for a while hoping her daughter, Annabelle would warm up to my husband, Bill.  Sort of...he did get a wave as we left.

Speaking of leaving - MY BUTT screamed at me all the way home. Instead of heading North then South - we went South to Paris TN - across another bridge and back up North  I don't know if I will ever be able to convince sweet cheeks to hop on the bike anytime soon.  It wasn't any shorter to go this route - another 90 minute to go down and back up again.   4 hours on a skinny seat of a bike is 3 hours past my enjoyment level!

So back to quilting.  I have 5 sitting here to work on.  Judy's is divine!  I can't wait to tackle it.  But need to buy a queen size Warm and White plus need to think of the custom work that will look awesome on it.  Aggie's arrived and I need to measure it to be sure my batting is wide enough or if she minds if I piece it.  Roxanne's mom's is one I can do in a day - I would love to finish that one this week.  And I think I'll start cutting sleeves off the shirts for the one for Rachel.  AND I have one for the Interior Designer That one has to come tomorrow

Dinner is on the grill - I guess I need to get the rest of the meal going.  Enjoy this beautiful day - I know I did!  Well sort of


Marcia said...

Sounds like you need that purple air cushion! Glad your day went well otherwise.

Shirley J said...

hahaha Marcia. I think I will try using it next time. GOOD idea!