Sunday, March 18, 2012

News from the retreat

Gosh I had a good time!  I love being with people who share the same interests that I have.  The love to sew - the love to laugh - and the love to have a good time.  All were fulfilled this weekend.  In our "corner" was Francis, Roxanne, Judy and myself.  We love to pick at each other.  Judy "THINKS" I'm going to quilt a gorgeous top of hers for $50.00.  She also THINKS she is going to get McTavishing, Feathers, and Heirloom quilting included in that $50.00.  (I think I'll wait until I'm finished before I break the news to her)

I finished the piped binding on my February 12 for '12 (I know slightly late - but my January one is even more late and my March one isn't even started yet!)  Here is the finished quilt and a close up of the binding.  I might have to do this method more often.

This one is entirely made from Flannel.  (even the backing) Going to be a super duper warm one!

I made single fold binding since I thought it would be too thick with the piping seam allowance.  Sewed the piping to the edge of the binding, attached binding with the plain edge to the back then folded it to the front and stitch in the ditch close to the piping - I really REALLY like it.  

My next project is for an upcoming retreat in St. Louis.  (I don't think they are suppose to be a secret - but if they are - the "cat" is out of the bag)  Our challenge is to make something from Black and White with one other color.  I had thought about nabbing this one from my granddaughter.  2 years ago when she started college I made her a black and white and purple quilt...EVEN made it at this retreat!  But I thought that would be cheating.  The center of flower, stem, and leaves were purple.  The rest all different combos of black and white.  I think she still uses it - but has now changed bedroom colors in L'ville.  
So I decided to make a small backpack that I can use at quilt shows or even just as a purse.  I looked on line and found a picture of one I liked and the size - that was all I had in the line of a pattern.  Actually I'm rather impressed.  I do need to finish the lining up before our guild meeting on Tuesday - but it's made - just need to sew it to the rest of the bag.   

POCKETS POCKETS...a gal has to have pockets.  I did this one small for my cel phone.  Zipper on it so I it won't fall out of the bag!  (good idea huh?)

I'm really pleased and think I'll do another one - or two - or three - since several others seem to THINK they can lay claim on MY backpack.

My last project was a Jelly Roll project - I have the blocks made and will put them into a top some time - OR just take to the next retreat  ~ All 3 of my corner mates have projects left in a bag that they only work on at a retreat.  EACH of their projects are at least 3 years old and one was 6!!!!!!!!

Been a great weekend - now back to work on Phyllis's flowers...Hope to have that done this week!


Heather said...

Love the look of your blog!

I need to do the piped binding more often, love how it looks. So when are you sending me my back pack?

Shirley J said...

Soon - VERY soon - in your dreams!