Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Up date on Phyllis

OH MY OH MY!  I stressed, I pondered, I played in Paint.  What to do what to do.  Then I realized - I need to do what the customer says to...so I called her. (no emails) I said - McTavishing in the blocks...right.  Yes - She only asked for one row of Echoing around the flowers.  And stitch in the ditch around the green borders.  I loved it that she knew exactly what she wanted!!  We talked about borders - and LO and Behold - I have a template in just what she wants!  I love that it will save me lots of time!  She said she didn't care what I did in the sashing between the blocks...but she wanted more feathers.  So here it is!  (well here is 2 blocks)

The top border.  Phyllis called this an Amish Feather.  I never heard of that - but I do like them.

The sashing between the blocks.  Did a curved feather...but this is free hand - no template 


the two finished blocks done in McTavishing.

Well, this took me all day to do just 2 blocks.  I had hoped to finish this in 4 days - but looking like it will be more like 6 days.  And since I need to bake stuff for the retreat...pack stuff for the retreat... and learn my new Elcheapo sewing machine - I don't think I'll get any more done on it until Sunday.

Well time to throw in the pizza for dinner....I am really liking this - I guess it IS best to listen to your customer.

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Bonnie said...

I saw your query on APQS and had to come see how your quilted it. The quilting is lovely!