Monday, March 12, 2012

Phyllis #3

I've loaded up another one for Phyllis.  I KNOW she wants to have McTavishing in the blocks - but give me free license to do anything else!  So it is decision making time....I'm thinking wandering feathers...cause I know from Lindsay she likes them.  BUT would something else be better?

Look at this - totally awe struck!  I think this is the one I covet.  (probably the 11th commandment - Tho shall not covet the quilters quilt.  BUT this one is so pretty!  Like laying with a flower garden on top of you.  And the workmanship it out of this world.  Her hand applique stitching is minute - check out the pictures below ... tiny teensy weensy stitches.  

Since I enlarged the picture the stitching looks larger than it is.  Trust me - Tiny stitching!  Barely 1/16"

So what do you think ....feathers in the border?  What about the green framing around the blocks.  Outline them or include them in the feathers?  Oh I wish Phyllis had internet service!

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Sandy said...

Wow, that is some gorgeous appliqué! I know you will do it justice.